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Secret Ceres

Throughout a woman's lifetime, she uses an average of 10,000 tampons or sanitary pads. 

Not only are such items toxic for her Yoni, but the pads and tampons are also very toxic for mother nature since they do not decompose and cannot be recycled. 


This SECRET SILK SPONGE was grown by mother nature and can be returned to her after using it. It is 100% organic and will decompose. It will not leave any harmful impact on the environment or on your Yoni. 


The SECRET SILK SPONGE can be used for about 3-5 menstrual cycles. You can wash it with lukewarm water when it is full and reinsert it. 


The pores of the SECRET SILK SPONGE are big enough to absorb more extensive blood clots and, unlike conventional tampons, do not block your flow. Menstrual cramps are often the result of a blocked flow. By easing your flow, you ease menstrual cramps. 


When the SECRET SILK SPONGE  is moist, it can be squeezed to the size of a tampon for easy insertion. It then expands inside your Yoni and shapes against your vaginal walls for perfect fit and comfort. 


Depending on the intensity of your flow, you can wear the SECRET SILK SPONGE for 3-7 hours. It is very comfortable to wear and completely Yoni and environmentally friendly.




SKU: SS-1122
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